HP EliteBook 2560p missing Page Up/Down keys

My work machine is an HP EliteBook 2560p.    When it was given to me, I was shocked to see that a professional machine had no page-up / page-down keys.      Instead one has to press FN+arrow up / FN+arrow down to get the page-up/down functionality.     So.... what about when I have to press CTRL+PGUP (for instance, to switch worksheets in Excel)?    I would have to press CTRL+FN+UP....    three keys!!!

That was too much for me.     This madness had to stop.    

The simplest solution was to remap other keys to pure PGUP/PGDOWN functionality to get around the poor design in this HP laptop.  

So I used "KeyTweak" (http://webpages.charter.net/krumsick/) to remap the right Windows-meny key and the right CTRL key into PGUP and PGDOWN respectively.     It works.

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