gthumb not playing videos (lubuntu)

In multiple versions of lubuntu (since a couple of years ago, up to and including lubuntu 13.04) I have noticed that gthumb does not play videos.  

The problem is fixed by installing package gstreamer0.10-x

A little more detail:   The videos that are not working are from a Canon camera.   I am not sure if other videos work or not in gthumb.

gthumb uses gstreamer to play videos.   The abovementioned package is described as "GStreamer plugins for X11 and Pango".    So the lack of video in gthumb in my system is either:

  1. due to my hardware (and thus the additional plugin solves my problem)
  2. hardware independent (and then all lubuntu installations should have this problem).


Poor bass-less sound on HP EliteBook 2560p

Every once in a while the audio in my EliteBook 2560p (Windows 7) does not work properly:    Music on the headphones sounds as if it was being played through a high-pass filter, and at a low volume.    

I thought it was an issue with the fact that the audio jack is prepared for a headset (with microphone) and not really for regular headphones.  

But it turns out that the audio problem goes away some times, and music sounds just fine.

I rarely reboot this machine:  I either suspend it, or hibernate it.    It seems something goes wrong with the audio sometimes when sleeping/hibernating, but I never knew what it is.

Today I finally found a solution:   There is a Windows 7 service called "STacSV" ("Audio Service", described as "Manages audio jack configurations").    The service was stopped;   all I had to do is hit "Start", and the music on the headphones instantly began to sound correctly in full frequency range, with proper bass and volume.